At Lynx, our goal is to unlock the value of data to transform patient care.

Lynx.MD is a secure data network and medical intelligence platform that gives the healthcare ecosystem the ability to quickly and safely access de-identified real-world health and patient data to accelerate diagnostic and therapeutic solutions and improve patient outcomes.

Our solution enables the long-hoped-for vision of rapid, safe access to healthcare data and accelerated R&D of diagnostic and therapeutic solutions, pharmaceutical studies, and medical devices. Lynx.MD was founded by repeat entrepreneurs and recognized leaders in healthcare, data science, AI, and cybersecurity.

We are looking for a Director of Engineering to join our company with strong technical knowledge and a success-driven culture.

As a Director of Engineering, you will lead and manage a multi-functional team of R&D professionals. You will contribute to developing our product roadmap, building the technological vision, and working with our worldwide customers.

As a member of the management team, you will be responsible for ensuring that the company's technology strategy aligns with the overall direction of the company. In order to achieve this alignment, you will need to advocate for the perspective of the R&D team in management discussions.

What You'll Do:

  • Lead the technology and be responsible for developing and implementing our technological strategy, processes, and methodologies to ensure that our goals and objectives are met.
  • Manage a multi-functional team of 7 employees (e.g devops,frontend, backend etc) of R&D professionals, including setting performance goals, providing guidance, mentorship, performance evaluations, and conducting growth plans for the team members.
  • Provide architectural guidance while effectively managing multiple tasks and responsibilities.
  • Participate in a Leadership meeting, give advice on technical directions and facilitate decision-making.
  • Work closely with our clients and collaborate with interfaces, including Support, Customer Success, Product etc.

Who you are?

  • You are someone who wants to be part of a company that “does good”.
  • You believe in hiring diverse high potential people, growing and empowering them towards excellence.
  • You communicate effectively with technical people as well as business people.
  • You have 8+ years of experience as a developer, with at least 4 years of experience managing high-performing multi-functional teams.
  • You have experience with managing and maintaining SaaS products at a large scale.
  • You have deep knowledge of Python (or similar language) and a basic understanding of React (or similar language).
  • You have significant experience with cloud services (AWS, Azure).
  • You have experience building products with a focus on data ingestion and analysis.
  • You come with a thorough understanding of software development methodologies, principles, processes and related software management tools.
  • You have Bachelor's degree in engineering, computer science, or a related field.


  • Having some Data science background is a plus
  • Led and scaling an engineering team in a startup/medium company is a plus
  • Having significant experience with Docker, K8s, Databases - Postgres, Athena, Elasticsearch, Redis, DynamoDB